Expandable Floor Bed Base
Welcome to our small NZ Business and online shop. Everything is made by us. International shipping available on some items!
Welcome to our small NZ Business and online shop. Everything is made by us. International shipping available on some items!
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Expandable floor bed base in King Size Bed Base Mode
Expandable Floor Bed base in King Single Bed Base Mode
Expandable Loft Bed Base - King Base
Expandable Loft Bed Base - Single Base
Expandable Loft Bed Base - Queen Base
Expandable Loft Bed Base
Expandable Loft Bed Base in two halves
Expandable loft bed base being assembled
Expandable Loft Bed Base Assembly

Expandable Floor Bed Base

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Loft bed base expands from a King Single through to a King Size! 

Our expandable floor bed base is suitable for a 2m long King Single through to a King size bed! It can even accomodate any custom mattress size in between to suit your space, and if you ever change your mattress size, you won't need to buy a new base!

The bed base was initially designed with Tiny House lofts in mind, as it's as low as possible to allow as much headroom in your loft, but high enough to give enough ventilation to the bottom of your mattress. However, it turns out this bed base has also been very popular with those who want a Montessori Floor Bed Base that can be expanded as the child grows and wants a bigger bed, or for co sleeping. 

The reason why it's not advised to put a mattress directly onto the floor it that the bottom of your mattress doesn't get any air flow and moisture from the mattress gets trapped underneath and can lead to mould!

The bed comes in two parts and is assembled by screwing in the provided 4 screws with a phillips screwdriver.  By being in two parts it makes it easier to manoeuvre in small spaces, and a bit lighter than carrying it all in one long length. 


  • Bed base size from a 2m long NZ King Single to a NZ King Size Bed 
  • Height is 36mm
  • Each half of the bed base weighs approx. 11kg
  • NZ Made with Naked Pine Ply 
  • Comes shipped in 2 separate boxes
  • 4 screws providedr 

Notes: You still need adequate ventilation to prevent any mould forming and if there is mould in the mattress already, you will need to get rid of it before putting on these slats or it will also get in the pine and continue to grow. Every bed will have a different pine grain, and won't be exactly like pictured. There may be some small gaps in the ply within the slats which doesn't effect the strength and won't be seen with a mattress on. 

Expandable Loft Bed Base design ©️Variant Spaces LTD 2021

Please allow 3-5 weeks until dispatch when on pre-order, or 3 to 5 working days when in stock. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David E.
Bed Base

Great product and well made.

Daniel W.

I love low beds and this is by far the lowest base I've found. Very simple to assemble with a Phillips head screwdriver. Stable once set up. The wood looks lovely although you barely see it once mattress + duvet are on top of it. I haven't had it for long enough to know if mould or dampness will be an issue. Only downside for me is that resizing + moving it around is a bit hard to do single-handedly, but probably no more so than most bedbases.

Nadine C.
Expandable Floor Bed Base

Great product for our Tiny Home! Easy to assemble. Great service.

The best!

Good product, good customer service, and fast delivery!

Matt F.
floor bed

we are using this as a Montessori floor bed for our boys its ideal height and so easy for them to get in

David D.
Great Product

This product is very well finished and easy to assemble. Looking forward to sleeping on it.

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